SZPAG is a large and beautiful site. The school is fortunate to have some amazing facilities such as:

  • The learning environment covers 66,000 square meters.
  • It includes more than 25,000 square meters of outdoor green areas.
  • The school has three different buildings to accommodate the students’ ages and needs.
  • The facilities are exceptionally safe and secure.
  • The facilities are maintained by a large team of cleaners, gardeners, security and maintenace staff.


As part of our drive to educate for the future, the school includes green screen facilities and a digital music suite. Our high spec IT infrastructure compliments our one-to-one iPad program. 

Our four science laboratories engage students in daily hands-on learning and experiments. SZPAG is equipped with two prayer rooms and two clinics, one each for elementary and secondary students, as well as classrooms for teaching Arabic, drama, art, music and technology.

We have two gyms and a large sports hall. We also have an indoor swimming pool. 


SZPAG offers a wide range of activities for its students. The girls have access to athletic facilities including a sports and athletic field, basketball court and tennis courts. 

There are 4 outside quads each with ample shading. The ground are landscaped and are a beautiful addition to the school environment.