Term Dates

2023-2024 Term Dates

  • Term 1

  • Term 2

  • Term 3

Aug 26, 2024First day commences
Oct 14, 2024 - Oct 18, 2024Mid-term break
Dec 13, 2024Last day of Term 1
Handbook and Code of Conduct

Handbook and Code of Conduct

Our comprehensive parent handbook and student Code of Conduct can be accessed via this link Parent Handbook (English) / Parent Handbook (Arabic) . This document is accurate as at August of each academic year.

Times of the school day


Day of the Week


School Starts - Finishes

Monday – Thursday

Pre K – KG2

7:55am - 12:35pm


Pre K - KG2

7:55am - 12:00pm

Monday – Thursday

Grades 1 - 12

7:55am - 2:45pm


Grades 1 - 12

7:55am - 12:00pm



SZPAG believes that effective communication is at the heart of our vibrant educational community. We understand the importance of keeping our parents, students and staff well-informed. SZPAG prides itself on utilizing a diverse range of communication channels to achieve this.


Parents stay connected with us through regular emails and newsletters that provide comprehensive updates on school events, important announcements and exciting achievements. Our commitment to transparent and timely communication extends beyond traditional means, as we embrace the convenience of telephone communications to ensure that you are always just a call away from any information you may need.


In the elementary school, we leverage the power of Seesaw, a dynamic platform that enables real-time sharing of student activities, announcements and insights into the daily classroom experience. Seesaw fosters a strong connection between parents, teachers, and students creating an interactive and engaging space for educational updates.


For our secondary school, we utilize Schoology, a robust learning management system designed to enhance communication and collaboration. Schoology serves as a centralized hub for assignments, grades and important school updates, streamlining the flow of information for a seamless secondary school experience.


For our middle and high school students, we also recognize and celebrate achievements through ePraise, an innovative platform that allows us to highlight and appreciate the outstanding efforts and accomplishments of our students. This positive reinforcement contributes to a supportive and encouraging environment within our school community.


SZPAG encourages parental involvement through the many Parents in Partnership (PiP)events we host. Find out more through the link Parents in Partnership (English ) / Parents in Partnership (Arabic)



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SZPAG maintains a strict uniform policy. Students must wear the official school uniform as outlined for each grade level. Modifications are not permitted. You can access details of our uniform by clicking the link SZPAG Uniform. All students must remain in school uniform throughout the day unless otherwise informed. Students must have a change of clothes and shoes for Physical Education (PE) as per the uniform requirements.

Uniforms can be purchased online or from the Globe Uniform shop located on The Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Girls campus.

To order online click here

School Code: SZPAG

Landline: 02-6195585 / 04-5578866

Email: uniform@zayedacademy.ac.ae

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School Transport

School Transport

The school bus service for The Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Girls is provided by Emirates Transport.

The school bus fee for the academic year is currently AED 5,000. The fee is the same for one way or two-way transportation. The bus fees will be determined in May or June. 

The school will notify parents before the start of the academic year when the booking system is open to complete payments.

Seats can only be secured after complete payment has been received.

For safety and security, all SZPA buses are CCTV monitored and a licensed approved bus supervisor is designated for each school bus.

Bus services run Monday through Friday on Abu Dhabi Island only.

The Department of Transport stipulates that student bus routes must not exceed a duration of 60 minutes from the starting point to the final destination.

Full guidelines are available in the ADEK Bus Transportation Safety Guidelines.

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School Catering

School Catering

We strive to ensure our students select healthy food choices aligned with Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA) each day and expect them to bring healthy snacks and lunch choices if they choose a packed lunch.

Water coolers are installed in every classroom. Students are requested to bring a refillable water bottle to school each day for PE and recess times.

An in-school catering service is available for students in Grades 2 through Grade 12.

This service is provided by Fresh Bite Paprika Catering. They offer a “grab and go” service only.

This includes hot and cold food in pre-wrapped portions.

● Pre K to Grade 1 students should bring a healthy snack to school each day.

●  Grade 2 to Grade 3 students can bring a healthy snack to school each day and parents have the option to order food from the school canteen which will be delivered to the homeroom during break time (orders will be online from the student canteen account).

● Grade 4 to Grade 12 students can bring a healthy snack to school each day or they can purchase food from the school canteen.

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Health & Safety

Health & Safety

The safety and wellbeing of our students is of paramount importance. The school provides systems and structures that are developmentally appropriate which help to guide and support each student – academically, socially and emotionally. Each student is assigned to a homeroom with a teacher who meets with them daily to monitor their progress and offer opportunities which can foster student personal, social and emotional development.

Inclusion Team

Our Inclusion Team is made up of various specialists including Learning Support teachers, assistants, school counselors and school nurses. The aim of this team of specialists is to monitor students identified as benefiting from additional support to ensure that all students who study at SZPAB are given the opportunity to learn to the best of their abilities and to reach their full potential. In addition to monitoring students, the team advises the teaching staff to identify strategies that may further support individuals who require additional assistance. Learning support is provided based on assessed student needs to enable the school to provide additional and specialized instruction from a member of our team.

Tolerance & Respect

All students will be treated respectfully regardless of ethnicity, abilities or other category lending itself to discrimination. Likewise, students are expected to treat all adults and fellow colleagues in the building with respect.


‘Zayed Tolerance Pledge'


All SZPAB students must abide by Zayed’s Tolerance Pledge which states:


“Uphold the duty of tolerance, to take a firm stance against hate and injustice, to respect and accept people whose abilities, beliefs and culture are different from their own, to wish for others what they wish for themselves, to live in harmony with their community, to always be open to dialogue and forgiveness, to do their part to create peace for all, to exercise benevolence and choose kindness in all their dealings with their communities, and to always stand up for Zayed’s values for tolerance and human fraternity”.

Safety and Security

The SZPAB guidelines for safety and security are posted throughout the school to ensure uniform, orderly and timely responses to emergencies. Homeroom teachers explain emergency procedures for building evacuation and relocation to a safer area of the school. Safety drills are conducted on a regular basis so that students know the appropriate responses in an emergency situation or scenarios.

Child Protection 

At SZPAB, we believe that all children have a right to be safe, protected from abuse and able to reach their full potential. The primary concern of all staff must be the interests and safety of children. All staff members have a pastoral duty towards children. Due to our day-to-day contact with individual children, we are well placed to observe outward signs of abuse, changes in behavior or failure to develop. 

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