Extra Curricular Program

SZPAG students actively engage in a well-rounded education through a combination of challenging coursework and diverse extra curricular activities. They develop their leadership skills by participating in workshops, lectures and community service with organizations like the Red Crescent. The students also take an active role in shaping their school's development through the Student Council.

At SZPAG, we believe extracurricular activities are essential for our students. They allow our students to learn about themselves and their interests and develop skills that will help them in their future careers and life.

Our ECAs allow our students to make friends, improve their social skills and get involved in new activities that might not otherwise be accessible to them.

Our ECAs also provide a channel for reinforcing lessons learned in the classroom. They offer students opportunities to apply academic skills in real-world contexts and are thus considered part of a well-rounded education.

Grade 1 to Grade 5 ECA’s offer a variety of clubs in many subject areas including science, math, sports, the arts and technology. We also offer partnership programs such as Formula 1 in Schools race car building, internationally recognized Junior Duke Awards and Unified Robotics in partnership with Unified Champion Schools.

For the academic year 2023 – 2024, Elementary ECA’s will have the following themes:

Term 1 – Past, Present and Future

Term 2 – Self Improvement “be the best me.”

Term 3 – Global Explorers

In secondary school, we offer a variety of clubs with different focuses, including art, creativity and support clubs, ensuring that there is something to appeal to everyone. Additionally, we have external examination preparation clubs to guide our students and support them in preparation for acceptance into their universities such as SAT, MAP, EmSAT and AP exams preparations.

The Secondary clubs include:

  • Sports (Soccer Club, Basketball Club, Active Club and Badminton)
  • Arts (School Show, Canva Painting, Mindful Coloring, Knitting and Crochet and Music Ensemble)
  • Leadership Opportunities (SZPA Future Leaders Program)
  • Clubs (Reading Club, Young Historian, Helping Hands, Creative Writing, prophets’ Stories, Problem-Solving Club, Recycling Club, Tilawa and Tajweed and Speaking Classical Arabic)
  • Support Clubs (All Subjects)