SZPAB believes that effective communication is at the heart of our vibrant educational community. We understand the importance of keeping our parents, students and staff well-informed. Our school prides itself on utilizing a range of communication channels to achieve this.


Parents stay connected with us through regular emails and newsletters that provide comprehensive updates on school events, important announcements and exciting achievements. Our commitment to transparent and timely communication extends beyond traditional means, as we embrace the convenience of telephone communications to ensure that you are always just a call away from any information you may need.


In Early Years and the elementary school, we leverage the power of Seesaw, a dynamic platform that enables sharing of student activities, announcements and insights into the daily classroom experience. Seesaw fosters a strong connection between parents, teachers, and students creating an interactive and engaging space for educational updates.


For our secondary school, we utilize Schoology, a robust learning management system designed to enhance communication and collaboration. Schoology serves as a centralized hub for assignments, grades and important school updates, streamlining the flow of information for a seamless secondary school experience.


For our middle and high school students, we also recognize and celebrate achievements through ePraise, an innovative platform that allows us to highlight and appreciate the outstanding efforts and accomplishments of our students. This positive reinforcement contributes to a supportive and encouraging environment within our school community.