Extra Curricular Programs

●     School Clubs and ECAs

SZPAB students actively engage in a well-rounded education through a combination of challenging coursework and diverse extra curricular activities. They develop their leadership skills by participating in workshops, lectures and community service with organizations like the Red Crescent. The students also take an active role in shaping their school's development through the Student Council. Additionally, the school provides exciting opportunities for international travel.

The Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Boys offers students the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of extra curricular activities (ECAs) to address different interests and enrich student experiences.

In the elementary school, we place a strong emphasis on fitness, offering swimming and a fitness club for students in grades 2 to 5. Additionally, we integrate STEM education into the curriculum through a LEGO club for students in grades 2 to 5.

In the secondary school, the enrichment program offers a range of opportunities in order to support our students' graduation and acceptance into their first-choice universities. The SZPAB sports teams regularly attend athletic events against other schools. In addition, they have entered into the ADISSA League and ADEK Cup for a number of different sports.

The school offers a wide range of activities including:

-       Clubs (i.e., Book Club and LEGO Club)

-       Sports (Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Futsal and swimming)

-       Arts

-       Leadership opportunities

-       Enrichment activities

-       Qur'an Recitation Program

●     Community service

As part of the school’s commitment to launching humanitarian initiatives, The Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Boys, in cooperation with the Emirates Red Crescent, take part in several charity campaigns throughout the academic year, which allow our secondary students to participate in serving their community and providing support to communities abroad, such as participating in:

·          Warm Winter Campaign

·          Youth Champions

·          Spring of Refugees

●     Leadership opportunities

In the secondary school, there are a number of leadership opportunities in Physical Education lessons, where students study an internationally recognized leadership course (Sports Leaders UK Level 2 and 3). Students learn to teach sport to younger students in the school and gain over 60 hours of leadership practice. Our sports leaders also plan a sports event for Students of Determination at the Al Karamah school twice a year. In addition, our student council system offers students the opportunity to gain leadership experience across the school, and contribute to the further development of school provision and organization of events. All of our leadership opportunities allow students to set themselves apart from their peers when applying to universities, both in the UAE and around the world.

The SZPAB student council represents the student body and plays a vital role in promoting student voice, leadership and involvement in student affairs.


We have four members leading the board and two class representatives for each class within the tasks board which are to:

-       Represent the opinions and interests of their colleagues in the student council

-       Keep their class informed of the board's decisions


The Red Crescent represents the student body and plays a vital role in promoting leadership and their love of charity and participation in volunteer work. We have four members leading the board of directors and 50 members who share the committee's work.


●     Student support services

The counseling department in the secondary phase at The Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Boys provides many services that support its students. These include individual and group sessions that are personalized to the student. SZPAB also participate in many support events that support students in raising their awareness of issues with security and safety, such as:

·          Awareness of bullying (Anti Bullying week)

·          World Children's Day

·          International Tolerance Day

·          International Day of Happiness

·          World Mental Health Day

·          Safer internet Day