Middle School Grades 6 - 8

The middle school curriculum at SZPAB is designed to provide a comprehensive and engaging educational experience. Our program aims to nurture the intellectual, social, and emotional development of our students, fostering a strong foundation for future academic success. We focus on promoting critical thinking, problem-solving skills and a well-rounded approach to learning.


Curriculum Framework:

At SZPAB, our middle school curriculum is built upon the principles of academic excellence and standards-based learning. We adhere to the American curriculum standards, ensuring that our students receive a robust education that prepares them for higher levels of learning and personal growth. The curriculum is designed to be dynamic, engaging, and adaptable, catering to the diverse needs and learning styles of our students.



Our middle school assessment strategy is grounded in standards-based grading, focusing on specific learning objectives and benchmarks within each subject. This approach provides a clear and detailed understanding of students' mastery of the curriculum standards, allowing for targeted support and individualized learning plans. 


SZPAB has a live grade book which is accessible to both our students and parents via Schoology. Regularly visiting the gradebook of your son is actively encouraged. It is essential that all of our students and parents have access to the Schoology app: Schoology app for Apple and Schoology app for Android.


In addition to the internal assessments, our students will also sit the external MAP test in Reading, Language, Math and Science throughout the year. MAP is the Measure of Academic Progress and is used by American Curriculum schools worldwide to benchmark student performance at any given time against expected US norms. MAP tests are individual and each time a student sits a MAP test they are given a personal Rasch UnIT (RIT) score and target for their next test. 


MOE Subjects:

Alongside the American curriculum, students at SZPAB also complete the Ministry of Education (MOE) curriculum for Arabic, Islamic Studies and UAE Social Studies. These subjects align with the educational guidelines set forth by the UAE Ministry of Education, enabling students to gain proficiency in Arabic language skills, deepen their understanding of Islamic principles, and develop knowledge about the history, culture and social aspects of the United Arab Emirates.



The middle school curriculum at SZPAB aims to inspire a love for learning, foster intellectual curiosity, and equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in higher education and beyond. Through a standards-based approach, a commitment to academic excellence, and the integration of MOE subjects, we strive to empower our students to become critical thinkers, lifelong learners, and responsible global citizens.