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  • 1:1 iPads

The Sheikh Zayed Private Academies selected the Massachusetts State Curriculum Frameworks to deliver an American-curriculum education. This framework provides teachers, students and families with clear and shared expectations for what all students should know and be able to do at the end of each year (standards-based learning). In support of this, students engage with their teachers in challenging lessons that meet their educational needs in all subject areas. The standards represent a promise of equitable education for all students. They formalize the expectation that all students have access to the same academic content, regardless of their location, background or abilities. We believe our students should be equipped with the competencies and values to be contributors and leaders of society. Our curriculum is distinguished by its focus on rigor, differentiation and innovation. We strive to use active learning models that encourage critical thinking, problem-solving and language development. Our school offers a comprehensive and growing Advanced Placement (AP) Program to provide students with the opportunities to study at the college level at High School. Full support is provided to the students to ensure the highest outcomes in both internal assessments and the external end-of-year AP Examinations. We have well-equipped robotics and Lego suites which allow Lego to compliment the curriculum offerings, Robotics is offered at the high school and provides students with hands-on experience with a range of software and hardware to develop their skills.